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Plan of Subdivision

A Plan of Subdivision is a product of the survey where a parcel of land is subdivided into multiple lots, which may include new roads, public reserves and so forth. At Keystone Surveys M.L.S. INC. in Steinbach, we understand that this can be a complicated process, and our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you with any questions that you may have along the way.


Meet All Conditions for Approval

To begin your Plan of Subdivision, an application accompanied by a Subdivision Application Map and a Certificate of Title (both provided by a Manitoba Land Surveyor) must be submitted to your Community and Regional Planning Office. Shortly after, you will receive a Conditional Approval letter from Community Planning which will contain a list of Conditions that must be met before the Plan of Subdivision can be finally approved. These "Conditions" may include a Plan of Easement for Utilities, a Building Location Certificate, Areas of Property, a Plan of Subdivision, a legal description, a drainage plan and more. It is important that you provide your Conditional Approval to your Land Surveyor as soon as possible so that they may return to your property site to place pins and dividing lines and draft up your Plan of Subdivision. Subdivisions can be confusing and will have different stages and steps along the way; Keystone Surveys will strive to do their very best to bring clarity and ease to the process. 


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